Vision & Mission

Been diagnosed with an auto Immune disorder and a struggling  for many years to over come my disease which effect my entire  body  and seeking alternative therapies and help. What Ozone did for me changed my life around .Together with many years of Experience in Massage and healthy living  and the correct nutrition and together with Ozone i have overcome my Plight.

Ozone is not only for those suffering from disease but also those with a vision to prevent disease and live a longer ,younger ,healthier and satisfied and happier life.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy purports to increase the amount of Oxygen to the body through the introduction of Ozone into the body.To maintain good health the body needs a rich supply of Oxygen .While harmful bacteria ,fungus,and viruses are predicted to be anaerobic ,multiplying and thriving in very low oxygen environments.

What ozone therapy does is it Contributes rich supply of Oxygen to fight the harm in the body .What Ozone therapy process does will increase ones vitality and well being as the blood is being  oxygenated and Nourished. Ozone by Sauna is one of the most popular methods of taking full advantage of Ozone Therapy.The Steam Ozone Sauna system has many advantages .



The Ozone Therapy Capsule

aboutusThe Ozone Therapy Capsule is in the for front and is the most potent cleansing Modality .Ozone is the Most vital element required for Human Life.In athletics Ozone is considered as Doping on a International Level even though Ozone is not a drug and should be understood  as such,It,s Oxygen .What Ozone does the more  oxygen we receive the more energy we produce .For a Healthy body we need every part of our Body to work as its full function .

Ozone is an energised form of an Oxygen molecule scientifically classified as o3,04,05  .The Ozone Molecule is  Supercharged oxygen Molecule .Ozone is highly reactive and is Unstable .What the good oxygen radical does it reacts with the bad free radicals and makes them harmless and safe guards the human body’s cells from damage .

At the ozone therapist we understand well that Oxygen is the most vital element required for Human life and is the Golden Key to good health.

The fast pace lifestyles ,chemical in  foods ,toxins today that exist in the atmosphere damage the body’s tools and over time we loose our tools to function properly  what Oxygen does is give us our tools back to work to their full purpose and potential .Ozone in fact is the best free Radical Scavenger .